About Us

Hargrave House has had a wide and varied history during its 200-plus years in Doylestown.

According to research by those in the know, the three-story, Georgian-style stone building was erected sometime between 1812 and 1814. The house itself has had several owners with diverse professions during that time period, including a doctor, a Bucks County judge, a family whose young son would grow up to be noted Doylestown reporter Lester Trauch, and a successful marble carver whose surname has graced the building in its most recent existence as a flourishing bed and breakfast.

Do we have ghosts? We get that question a lot, since the original building is quite old. And the answer is none that we’ve seen. Or heard. Of course, we’re always open to the chance meeting of a bona fide spirit – as long as he or she is a friendly one!