It can be a bit tricky finding the parking lot on your first trip to Doylestown.

Please use the directions provided above, in the Google Map or click the button below to get directions to our parking lot located behind the bed and breakfast.

Written Directions:

Upon arriving in Doylestown, make your way onto STATE STREET, this is a one way street. You will pass Starbucks on your right-hand side. Make a LEFT turn onto HAMILTON STREET at the four-way stop sign located after the parking lot. Make the next LEFT onto OAKLAND STREET (one-way) at the end of the parking lot. This is NOT a four-way stop sign. After turning LEFT onto OAKLAND STREET the entrance to the parking lot will be immediately on the RIGHT. You should see the sign and proceed to pull into the left-hand parking lot.

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Hargrave House / February 17, 2019
Bed and Breakfast / Doylestown / Hargrave House / History / Travel

A Little Hargrave House History

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Culinary Delights: Best Eateries Within 1 Mile of Hargrave House Bed and Breakfast, Doylestown, PA

Welcome to our culinary journey through Doylestown, Pennsylvania, tailored for guests of Hargrave House Bed and Breakfast! Situated in the heart of this charming town, Hargrave House offers cozy accommodations with easy access to a plethora of dining options. Join us as we explore the thirty best eateries within a 1-mile radius, ensuring that every meal is a delightful culinary adventure. Let's dive in!

Pag's Pub: Kick back and relax with a cold beer and pub grub at Pag's Pub, a neighborhood favorite for casual dining within walking distance of Hargrave House.

Mom's Diner: Step into nostalgia at Mom's Diner, where classic American comfort food is served with a side of retro charm just a short stroll away.

Cross Culture Indian Cuisine: Experience the rich and diverse flavors of Indian cuisine at Cross Culture, conveniently located nearby.

Boccadito Café: Indulge in Italian-inspired sandwiches, salads, and pastries at Boccadito Café, a hidden gem within walking distance of Hargrave House.

Raymer's Homemade Candies: Treat yourself to handcrafted chocolates, fudge, and candies at Raymer's, a local institution since 1904 just a short walk away.

Bagel Barrel: Start your day off right with freshly baked bagels, gourmet spreads, and specialty coffee at Bagel Barrel, conveniently located nearby.

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