T&C Players Offer Summer Workshops for Young Actors and Actresses

It’s only a few weeks until summer vacation starts, and soon after, you may hear from your bored child, “There’s nothing to do.” Well, we happen to know that’s not true. We’ve got some very talented people in this town, and while work does keep our thriving merchants very busy, there’s always time for a little fun thrown in the mix.

A few of our neighboring business people are involved in Town & Country Players, a local theater troupe that’s been going strong for 60 years. Aside from their quality productions, the group also plays host to summer theater workshops for youth. Youngsters from ages 8 through 15 can participate in four weekly sessions from July 7 to Aug. 15. Your budding thespian will learn acting, voice, dance and makeup training, culminating in a production on stage. What fun!

Enrollment is open now. The theater is located along Route 263 in Buckingham. And check out the current offering at T&C – “The Girls in the Garden Club.” It looks like a rollicking, good time!