Key Players in Making Doylestown a Lovely Place to Visit

We just love our town. It’s charming in its own unique way. We’re not alone in our sentiments of Doylestown, either. There is a key group of people who work hard behind-the-scenes to keep it that way for the enjoyment of both visitors and townspeople alike.

It’s a long name, and sometimes the group’s acronym gets boggled, but the Doylestown Business and Community Alliance (Doylestown Alliance, or shortened further to DBCA) is a prime mover behind the looks and feel of our town. They are responsible for planning myriad events in town, with the Doylestown Arts Festival in September being the most notable. Last weekend, members and volunteers from the community participated in a successful cleanup of the town center – just in time for this weekend’s DBCA-sponsored Spooktacular Halloween Parade. In a few weeks, as autumn turns to winter, they’ll be looking for more volunteers to assist in decorating the town’s streetlamps with snowflake lights. The beauty of this group is that it’s a mixture of merchants, business owners, workers and residents living in the community – all coming together to make sure Doylestown is a place of which to be proud.

Check out their website, and consider joining them. You’ll find more information about upcoming holiday events – and there are quite a few. Doylestown certainly doesn’t turn into a sleepy hamlet at year’s end!