How Do I Love Thee? Here Are Some Starters

Reds in every shade and hue seem to surround us right now. It must be because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Thank goodness we like that color!

You can easily pick up a Valentine’s gift for your honey without ever leaving the center of town. Lovely cards – sweet and mushy, or belly-laugh funny – can be purchased from The Paper Unicorn. They’ve got a wide selection of heart-y sentiments from which to choose.

Next stop? How about Nuts Plus? Pick up some sweet treats – chocolate kisses or heart-shaped sugar cookies that have love messages written on them (you Cutie Pie, you!)

Of course, what would the day be without flowers? Head on over to Doylestown Flowers & Gifts. Their bouquets are striking and are almost sure to guarantee a love connection for the sender!

Lastly, make your way over to one of Doylestown’s fine restaurants to keep your sweetie happy. We’re sure many have special menus planned for that special day. In fact, some – like the Knight House and 86 West – supply a complimentary rose and glass of champagne with their meals for lovers on Valentine’s Day.

Even if you plan a quiet night at home, with popcorn and a romantic movie (we’re partial to anything with Hugh Grant in it), cozy up to your darling and enjoy the love. Like The Beatles said: It’s all you need.