Get Ready to Lace Up Those Sneakers!

Only a couple of weeks left until we leave winter behind and enter a new season. We’re already seeing signs of spring: We’ve got some snowdrops blooming out back and the days have been getting warmer and longer. Hurray!

We bet you’ll start seeing more people outside. Here’s something that’ll get you motivated. Each Wednesday – from March 20 to June 5 – explore some of Doylestown’s neighborhoods and its parks through the Spring Scenic Stroll, coordinated by Doylestown Borough Park and Recreation Board. There’s a whole list of places they’ve got picked out for a fun walking tour.

They take place during the morning hours – 10 a.m. during March and April, then 9 a.m. during May and June. It’s a great way to meet some new people, learn about Doylestown and get some exercise all at the same time!