Driving Us Batty With Youthful Creativity

A wide variety of guests stay at Hargrave House. Of course, we have couples staying with us for a romantic getaway as they visit charming Doylestown. We have corporate clientele, traveling to the area on business trips. Recently, children’s author/illustrator Brian Lies came to town for a series of programs he presented to some of the area’s elementary schools.

Lies is making the speaking circuit these days to promote his latest book, “Bats in the Band” (Houghton Mifflin Co., 2014). He is one of several children’s authors who have stayed at Hargrave House over the years as they spend a few days giving presentations about their profession to youngsters – how they go from getting an idea for their book, to writing, to creating the artwork, to finally seeing their end result in print – as well as usually stopping by Ellen Mager’s Booktender’s Secret Garden for a book signing.

Driving here from his home in Massachusetts, Lies brought his own vehicle – which was anything but ordinary. To promote his book, Lies had his van “shrink-wrapped” with illustrations of the furry, flying characters from his book. When in full BATSmobile mode, there are a couple of larger-than-life bat musicians hanging out on top of the vehicle – perhaps waiting to jam with someone stopping by to play the portable “sewer pipe organ” affixed alongside. Lies’ Bats in the Band Facebook page has a wonderful picture of his stylin’ ride, along with a great video of drummer Daniel taking his turn at the pipes.