Coping With the Cold: Some Tips to Help You Through Winter

Brr! As we write this, we’re experiencing frigid winter weather that we haven’t seen around these parts for decades. We awoke to -2 degrees F this morning. We’re in for more snow overnight, and another dosing of the white stuff at the weekend. Spring can’t come soon enough!

We’ve culled some resources on the Internet to help you stay safe and warm during these cold spells. Fill up your mug with whatever hot beverage you choose and give a read to these all-important tips:

The CDC gives you suggestions on how to stay safe and healthy in your home, while traveling and during emergencies.

Since we’ve experienced a number of polar vortexes that are usually confined to the north, what better resource than CBC News to share five tips for keeping warm during a Canadian winter, eh?

Blogger and outdoorsman Michael Lanza shares 12 pro tips on how to stay warm outside during winter weather. (Warming your gloves and boots before you put them on gets our vote for feeling warm and toasty!)

Lastly, readers and editors of The Old Farmer’s Almanac offer up some tried-and-true advice on coping with Old Man Winter’s chill. We can personally say we’ve tried the tip about microwaving rice, covering the warm grains with fleece and placing the bundle around your tootsies. Trust us – your feet will thank you as the warmth spreads all around them!

Spring is coming. Keep a positive attitude. Only 32 more days … and we are keeping a day-by-day count!