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A recent guest at Hargrave House Bed & Breakfast had quite a “small world” experience. Julie is from a small town in southern Australia where she helps make lunch for a children’s day school, and she was staying with us while her husband was in business meetings.

One morning after breakfast she was walking up Main Street doing some shopping when she heard her name called out, “Julie, oh Julie”. She assumed they meant someone else, as the only two people in Doylestown that she supposed knew her name were either at a meeting (her husband) or cleaning up after breakfast (Lorna, our Innkeeper).  She kept walking, but she heard “Julie” again rather breathlessly and heard running footsteps approach. She turned around to see an unexpected but familiar face. It was a woman from her home town in Australia!

Over a pleasant lunch at the Pennsylvania Soup & Seafood House, they compared notes. The woman was one of the Moms whose child Julie had been preparing lunch for only a week or so prior in Australia!

Posted : March 7, 2011

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