50 South Main Street, Doylestown, PA 18901
Call: 215-348-3334

This is the real “Spirit of Christmas” stuff – and one of the nicest traditions in Doylestown, PA!   Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church runs this amazing tour of some of Doylestown’s nicest homes every year.  Four different homes are chosen and decorated most imaginatively and beautifully each year within an easy walking distance of each other (1.2 miles) and the church (at the corner of Pine and Oakland).  You can take a guided walk through each of the houses and then retire to St. Paul’s Parish House to do a little shopping at the Boutique.  They always have wonderful hand-baked sugar cookies, other baked goods, seasonal gifts and decorations and greens.  There are also raffles and very nice tea and refreshments.  All in all, a most festive beginning to this season!

Tickets are available for advance sale now at the Parish Office ($20).  You may also purchase them at the Parish Hall door during the event ($25).  The event times are: Friday, December 3rd, 6 to 9PM, and Saturday, December 4th, Noon to 6PM.  (Snow date is Sunday, December 5th, Noon to 6PM.  Cor more information call (215) 348-5511 or visit the St. Paul’s website at www.StPaulsDoylestown.org.

Proceeds benefit the Bucks County Housing Group (Doylestown Homeless Shelter) and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Posted : November 13, 2010

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