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Believe it or not, a large portion of our clientele are from over seas. Who would have thought that quaint Doylestown was a hub for international tourism? But in just the past few months we received guests from China, Europe, and most recently, Israel.

As with all guests, we go the extra mile to suit the needs of all those who come to our lovely B and B. This is especially true when those staying with us are not only in a a new town, but a whole new country. We’re careful to extend our personal service and care to those particular travelers, even when there is a language barrier, and have been very successful to this end. In fact, we recently obtained a translation of a couple Hebrew  notes that were left for our Inn Keeper, Lorna, and here is what they said:

Dear Lorna,

I will warmly recommend this place to all of my friends.  Your warmth and your willing to help and answer all our needs, turned this stay to a wonderful experience.

With deep friendship,

P.S.  I will surely return here with my family every chance I could!!!

Dear Lorna

I arrived from Israel for business, to a town I’ve never heard of.  I stayed a week at Hargrave House.  The town is enchanting and the hotel feels like home and is charming, with gorgeous rooms that spoil you.  Lorna, the hostess, imposes a fun and relaxing atmosphere with services I have never encountered.

It was an amazing week on all accounts.  I recommend it very warmly!!!  I will come back here with my family.


Posted : November 20, 2009

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